Thoughts on Thursday: Resolutions

Hi Friends, and thank you for stopping by. 
 I've been contemplating all week about writing a post about resolutions so I was excited to see that my friends Jessica from Tech & Teachability and Kristi from Pelicans and Pipsqueaks were hosting a fun linky on this very topic.  

Call me crazy, or maybe you can relate, but I always feel if I write down my resolutions each year there is a stronger possibility I might actually complete them.  I am a visual person and lists are my jam so here we go...

1.  Worry Less
2. Be Present
3. Blog More
4. Moisture my Feet
5. Drink more Water

1.  Nothing like starting off with a BANG!  What is the saying, go big or go home?!  My first resolution is definitely a big one, but I'm going to really try and make it happen.  I'm a worrier, I worry about worrying.  I really want to take a few deep breaths this year and relax.  Over the past few years I've taken the mantra from Alex and Ani close to my heart, "Opportunities that are meant for you will not pass you by" as a way to put perspective and understand that worrying really does nothing...NOTHING.  It has helped to an extent, but I want to become even more zen and I think I've said a few times now, relax.  

2.  My next resolution has to do with enjoying the moment.  Now that I am a working Momma I feel like my time is even more precious.  I want to be my best as a Mom, be a good Wife, and do my best at school.  At times I feel like I'm pulled every direction, and that's when the worrying really starts to set in.  Am I doing enough at school for my students?  Am I giving my baby girl enough time? My Husband?  Is my house clean enough?  The list goes on and on.  I want to push those thoughts out of my mind and just enjoy the moments.  When I am at home I want to enjoy  my family, I want to put my phone down and just enjoy each other.  When I am at school I want to have fun and enjoy my students.  

I'm realizing more than ever that time goes by at a rapid speed and if I don't start to open my eyes and enjoy it's just going to pass me by. 

3.  Not to TOOT my own horn, but I'm excited that I am well on my way to accomplishing my third resolution by writing this post.  I love this little corner of the web that is all mine and I have been neglectful of it.  I want to try to blog at least once a month.  There is something about opening up my laptop and having some time to jot down my thoughts that is cathartic and relaxing.  Hey, this resolution just help with my first resolution. ;)

4. Okay, okay, now you might be reading this next resolution and be thinking what the what?!  In the winter time I am SO bad about moisturizing my feet and during those long winter months my feet turn into sandpaper.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen I have sandpaper feet!  (sorry if that is TMI).  I want to make a conscious effort to remember to moisture before I go to bed, even if I am deliriously tired so that I can avoid that from happening this winter.  

5.  Finally, I feel like whenever you make a list of resolutions this just has to be on it.  Perhaps it is the good luck charm that makes all the other resolutions come true.  

Well, thank you very much for allowing me to share my Thoughts on Thursday and put my resolutions into the blogisphere.  I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their New Year and if you feel like having some fun jump on over and type out your resolutions.  We would love to hear them!


  1. Haha I hear you on the moisturizing! My feet are frightening too! I love that you kept it really real!

  2. Drinking water is always on my resolution list. I like worry less. Although, as a parent, I feel like that's impossible. :o) Thanks for sharing!
    Our Elementary Lives

  3. Great list! So good to focus on being present. Your little princess will grow fast! Soak it all in. Happy New Year!