Tell all Tuesday: Top Ten Things Teaching has Taught me!

On Tuesdays we Tell All.  Can anyone guess what might be playing in the background as I type this post?! Hehe...

This week our Tell all Tuesday is channeling the writers of the Letterman show.  My friend Jayme from Teach, Talk, Inspire had the brilliant idea of creating a Top Ten list for our link up this week.

What better way to reflect on your years of teaching then to recap all your favorite moments and the things you have learned along the way?!  Here are a few things I have learned throughout my years of teaching...

10. It amazes me how I always forget how tired I am the first few weeks of school.  Those days are just a blur.  My hubby always laughs at me because I'm usually sound asleep by 9 o'clock on the couch.

9.  The first few years of teaching I wore the heels.  Now I wear the heels occasionally.  I feel like I'm moving and grooving with my kids so much that I need some traction.  Also, it helps being low to the ground. 

8.  No seriously, it really does!  There are those emergencies where you find yourself sticking your head out the door searching for any adult nearby, but for the most part your bladder synchronizes with your lunch and prep periods.  

7.  Haha, I always smile when one of my kiddos says, "Mom!", "I mean Mrs. Schuda!"  

6. Oh man, I feel as though this is a big one.  There are so many times that you plan this great lesson and then you look at your kiddos and it's like "Bueller, Bueller?!"  It is OK when a lesson does not go according to plan.  I feel like part of our job is being flexible and able to adjust quickly.  There is a good chance your kids may not even notice.

5.  And I mean this statement in the nicest way possible.  You are just going to have those kiddos some years that LOVE to talk.  Even when you think you have them figured out and you think your new seating chart is genius, they will find a new friend to talk to...

4. When I first started teaching I thought veteran teachers were a little nutty when they would tell me about the full moon.  It is so true!!  I can tell you the moon phases based on the behavior of my students.  And when there is a full moon and a sub...may the force be with you!! ;)

3. I love the moments when you have an idea in your head, but then the lesson turns into something completely different, but the kids are engaged and learning.  I tend to find myself scrambling to my lesson plan at the end of the day to write down notes so I can remember what I did and try it again next year. 

2. I bought an Erin Condren planner a few years ago and have never looked back.  In fact I am getting somewhat anxious because I keep going on her site and the teacher planners are OUT OF STOCK!! AHHHH!!  I just love how everything is in one location.  From the birthday lists, to the contact information, to the lists to keep track of information, to the blank lesson plan pages.  The organizational flow is perfect.  Erin, you certainly know what teachers need and want!!  Also, the personalized cover is an added bonus that I adore!

1.  Finally, the number one thing I have learned from teaching is your kiddos will forever be in your heart.  I love my job.  I feel so lucky to have a job that I love going to.  After spending a whole year with a group of kids you just form a bond that can not be broken.  I love when past students come to visit me and I can watch them as they grow.  Another perk to being in Kindergarten is I can see them for 5 more years as they move throughout the grades.  It's the best...

Now it is your turn!

We would love to read your Top Ten list...

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  1. I LOVE your Top Ten!! So many great pieces of wisdom! This is my very first year with an Erin Condren planner, I'm excited to start using it!
    Thanks so much for hosting such a fun link up!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  2. You are so right about the moon phases! You can feel it in the air!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars

  3. I am in total agreement about Friday nights! Once school starts, that's my excuse to be a hermit again ;) And the moon phases? Oh. My. Goodness.

    Collaborating in Kinder

  4. LOVE your list! My Erin Condren planner is my life, literally :)

  5. I really enjoyed linking up and reading other lists! This was a great idea and very Pin-worthy! Thanks so much for doing this linky!

    First Grade Frame of Mind

  6. YESSSSSS!!! Your Top Ten are exactly one point! Moon phases, planner, flats, "Mom," and your bladder! All the time! Love it! Thanks for the fun!

    First Grade Stripes

  7. Haha #5 and #10- YES!!! to both. Moon phases can rock your life and it's true what that pic says "You can move me anywhere and I'm still going to talk." I had quite a few of those. Thanks for hosting this link up!
    Yee-Haw in Kindergarten

  8. Number 10 is the truth! The first day of school I'm in bed by 8. And Fridays, leave me alone. I just want to go home, eat, and not think :)

    Made with Love

  9. haha # 10!!! I try my best to get something done on Friday almost never happens! I have never had an Erin Condren Planner...with such great reviews I`m considering getting one for this upcoming year!

    Magically in First

  10. Yes times 10! Great list, Diana! I bought my first EC planner last year and love it. So funny how our bodies adjust to our schedules, too. Even over school holidays, I can tell what time it is when I have to go to the bathroom! LOL!
    Always Kindergarten

  11. Love your list! I have never had an EC planner. I keep debating. I totally agree about the bladder. It is so true.

  12. I just ordered my first Erin Condren teacher planner today and I can't wait to use it!

  13. You are so right, they are in your hearts forever!!! Even the ones that you move and they still talk:) Thanks for the great linky!!!!

  14. Those full moons!! Lord help us all!! Great list and fabulous link up!

  15. You are so right on these, Diana! :) Love #3 too, I am always jotting stuff down on post its at the last minute! Thanks for another great linky!!!

  16. Love your Top 10 List! Especially seems like those "unplanned" moments are often so meaningful...often funny...and usually unforgettable! Thanks for hosting another fun Linky!