100 Day Fun

100 Day in K is certainly a big celebration.  It is one of my favorite days because I love to reminisce and think about how far we have come.  Lots of hard work and fun has definitely gone into the first 100 days of school.  Our 100 day is right around the corner. 

One way we like to celebrate 100 day is by counting to 100. 

Students who want to can come up to the front and count to 100 all by themselves for the class.  We quietly listen and when they count all the way to 100 we cheer and celebrate together.  Anyone who doesn't feel comfortable counting for the class can count for me one on one.  

I give each student a certificate to take home to celebrate. 

Want to grab these certificates for your class? 
Click the picture below to download. 

Happy 100 Day and Happy Counting!

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  1. Great ideas! I love those bins. I use them for our math stations. Thanks for sharing.