Behavior Idea for the Winter Months

Hello Friends and thanks for stopping by!  Tonight I  am excited to share a fun idea I came up with to help with behavior during the winter months, when distractions are high and focus is low.  Build a classroom snowman is a fun way to reward positive behavior.  

Each day your class has a great day use the clip art pieces provided to build the parts of your snowman.

After your snowman is built have your students choose a name for it.

Once the Snowman is built during the night it can use its magic to become 3D and move around the room.  

To create my 3D snowman I raided the aisles of Michael's to grab the necessary supplies.  

3D Snowman Supplies: 
1. Styrofoam balls in various sizes.  
2. Googly eyes
3. Pipe cleaners (nose and arms)
4. Small black pom poms for the smile
5. Red large sequin for the buttons
6. Blue ribbons for the scarf
7. Black felt for the hat and plaid ribbon for the strip on the hat 

To assembly the snowman I used a hot glue gun and stuck the pipe cleaners directly into the Styrofoam.  

You can stage your class snowman to do different scenes.  Your students will be so excited to walk in and see what their snowman did.  They can write about the nightly shenanigans and predict what it might do next. 

If your class continues to show positive behavior the snowman will continue to move each night.  If your class has a rough day the snowman can start to "melt" (take a piece off your 3D snowman).  That night your class snowman will turn back into the 2D clip art version and not move.  

Another fun idea to do with this activity is to spotlight individual behavior by passing out I "Snowed" Great Behavior reward certificates to individual students.

I took a trip to my local Target (what would a teacher do without Target?!) and gathered a bunch of prizes from the dollar bin section and plan to have the student who is spotlighted for great behavior pick a prize from the Snowman Treasure Chest.  

You can grab the snowman reward certificate here: 

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope this idea helps you keep your sanity during the exciting winter months and introduce a fresh spin on your behavior plan in your classroom.

My Snowman in the Classroom packet can be found in my TpT Store: