Number Monster- A Number Recognition Activity

Hello Friends! I hope your weekend is off to a great start. I wanted to stop in for a moment and share a fun way to practice numbers with your kiddos.

The beginning of the year is so important especially in Kindergarten and our little cuties need as much number id practice they can get to help build that solid number sense foundation. This activity is a fun way to practice that!

Have your students repeat this rhyming poem and then have them use the number cards listed below to feed the number monster. 

The numbers cards included are 1-100. 

Different ways to play:

Start with number cards 1-20 then add more cards as students master them.

Have students sequence the numbers first then feed the monster or have students feed the monster with the numbers all mixed up. 

Have students feed the number that is larger or the number that is smaller.

Students can feed the monster lowest to highest or highest to lowest

The inspiration for this number activity started when I was doing one of my random Target trips and spotted this adorable monster pencil case on clearance in the school supply section. Not only is it a fun way for students to "feed" the monster, but it also serves as storage for the number cards.

Click the picture above to grab the Monster number poem and number cards for free!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Happy Counting!