Dismissal Signs: Craft Corner

Oh it's a Happy Day in the Schuda Household today.  Not only did my t-shirt from A plus Images arrive in the mail, but I bought myself a laminator at Target! (Cue happy dance!)

  Through the power of Instagram I saw that my friend @susyinsa had posted a picture of a laminator she had just purchased at Target!

#truestory- I literally was thinking about buying a laminator today.  In fact I was going to post a picture on Instagram asking if anyone had any good recommendations. 

Shortly after I saw her post, I raced over to my local Target and cautiously approached the school supply aisle.  That section of the store is every person for them self.  ;)  

There was ONE lamintor left!  I snatched that box right up and gripped it tight as I made my way to the check out line.  (Now, I could go on to tell you the other school supplies I managed to collect on the way to the check out line, but I'll leave that for another post) 

Of course with any  new toy I had to try it immediately.  The timing actually worked out perfectly because I wanted to try to make my new dismissal signs.  

In the past I have always done the dismissal poster.  I've been wanting to try something different, and on Pinterest I have been seeing some great pictures of teachers using ribbon to display their signs.  

I wanted to give it a try. 

I laminated each dismissal sign.

I cut out each sign and then cut a piece of ribbon for each sign.

I glued ribbon to the back of each sign. 

I plan to write each student's name on a clothespin and then clip their name on the dismissal sign during the kindergarten meet and greet.  

I like this idea because if a student's dismissal changes I can quickly switch the clip to the new sign. 

If you are interested in these dismissal signs you can click the picture below.  I have included 3 different versions inside the pack.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Now if you will please excuse me I am going to continue to laminate everything I own. ;)

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