Currently: August

I am excited to link up with Farley (Oh Boy Fourth Grade) for her monthly Currently Link up.  It is one of my favorite link ups!

Listening: I came home and the first thing I did was turn Scandal on.  I have a serious Netflix/Scandal obsession.  The new season can't come fast enough!  

Loving: I am loving the last few weeks of summer.  My grad classes are slowly winding down and summer school is over.  It's been nice to have some days just to myself.  I am looking forward to spending some time in my classroom setting up for the new year!

Thinking: We just got home from a party.  I feel so grateful for the friendships I made in college and continue to have.  The "Bradley Crew" (what we like to call ourselves) are here for each other through thick and think and I am so grateful for them!

Wanting: If you follow me on Instagram you saw the picture I posted of my Donut run this morning. I am wanting to dive into the box and indulge in another.  Willpower if you could kick in at any point I would appreciate it! ;)

Needing: I have yet to make it to the pool this summer.  I definitely need to do this before I officially go back to school.

B2S RAK: At the beginning of the year I always like to put together a care package of some teacher essentials for my teammates (post-its, snacks, pens, markers, chocolate, etc.).  I need to start to put that together!  

Thank you for stopping by.  Be sure to check out Farley's blog to read other great Currently posts.

Happy August!


  1. Donuts are one of my very favorite treats! I would have trouble restraining myself too! I hope you get to the pool soon. :) Enjoy the end of your summer!

  2. Scandal is not a problem, it's a lifestyle! #whatwouldoliviapopedo? So fun to get together with old friends. How great that you are all still in touch and so close. I hope you get that pool day. You deserve it!
    Always Kindergarten

  3. I love Scandal and can not wait for the new season!!!! I would love to be on Olivia Pope's team! #gladiators #whitehats I loved reading your currently!! I hope you have a FABULOUS August!

  4. Donuts are addicting!! I envy your willpower!! I'm putting together a gift for the members on my team too!!
    I hope you are able to have an amazing week and a wonderful start to the new school year!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  5. Hmm. I could use a cake donut right about now!! Our local donut shop is closed on Sundays tho...
    Mrs.B's Classroom Adventures

  6. I need that willpower when you find it, if you would please send it over. I did indulge in 2 donuts today, lol. So great that you have a group of friends that are always there for you. Scandal is fantastic! I just love Netflix in general. Have fun enjoying the rest of your summer, hopefully you'll make it to the pool!

    Luv My Kinders

  7. Ok. You had me at Scandal. My husband and I LOVE that show! We always say, "WHAT do you WANT?" LOL.
    Also. Donuts. They are simply glorious. I must admit, I am a plain Jane girl when it comes to donuts. I like the glazed twists. And, I only buy them from bakeries. Something gross about grocery store bakery donuts. It's like they're too dense or something.
    I wish I was part of your team! I'd love a B2S basket of goodies! I am, like most educators, a sucker for fresh, new school supplies!!! Glad to have read your Currently post!
    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments

  8. There are so many reasons we were destined to meet, Scandal and Donuts are just two more of them!!! Enjoy your last few weeks!!!

  9. I love Scandal! Such a guilty pleasure to watch. I love your logo by the way - it's so cute and colorful. And I'm liking the idea of a BTS gift basket - I'm getting some good ideas for my new teammates.

    Teaching Doodles