Tell all Tuesday: If my Life was a Reality Show it Would be Called...

Happy Tuesday!

This week we are doing something a little creative.  Last week my blogging buddy Jayme (Teach, Talk, Inspire) and I were running through ideas we could do for this week's Tell all Tuesday.  She suggested, "If my Life was a Reality Show it would be Called..."  and I LOVED it.   Perhaps it is because I am a reality show junkie.  If you were to look at our DVR on any given day odds are there would be at least one reality show waiting to be recorded.  What can I say it is my guilty pleasure!

So sit back, grab some popcorn and get ready to read through a variety of soon to be hit reality tv shows.  (A girl can dream can't she?!)

I'll be honest, I can't take credit for my reality show name.  Kenny (my husband) and I were out to eat one day over the weekend and I was telling him about this week's link up.  Bless his heart, he is always so interested to hear all about my teaching adventures! :)

As I was telling him the link up he says how about "Canine Chaos"?  I'll have to admit, I thought it was pretty brilliant.  So humor me as I tell you a little bit about what my reality show would be like...

Canine Chaos
Starring Mario & Joey and their humans...

A little background information...
As I start to type this the tune from the Brady Bunch is humming in my head.  I guess you could say we are somewhat of a blended family.  

I bought Mario shortly after I moved to my townhouse.  I was single and on my own and in need for some company.   Someone had given me an ad for lab mix puppies and the rest is history.  Mario is my bud, he is always by my side, in fact as I type this he is laying next to me by my feet.  

I met Kenny a few years later and he had adopted Joey when he was a puppy.  Ironically Mario and Joey are both 5. 

Now we are one big happy family.  We joke that Mario and Joey are stepbrothers because they pretty much just coexist.  Mario is always by my side and Joey is off being independent.  

Our reality show would be about the day to day adventures with this dynamic duo.  Mario and Joey couldn't be more opposite if they tried.  

Meet Joey: 
He is Mr. Independent.  Most days you will find him under the bed or behind the couch.  When he does emerge from his hiding spots he does love a head pat and a treat.  He is our watch dog, protector of the house.  He loves to bark at wheels (garbage cans, bikes, cars, vacuums, little old ladies on motorized scooters) as long as it has wheels he has his eye on it!  Oh, and he hates storms.  Shhh...don't tell the hubby, but a good chunk of the reality show would film as Kenny attempts to coax Joey out of the house before a storm.  My kiddos always get a kick out of those stories.  As I watch out the window I see Kenny pulling Joey and Joey is as low to the ground as possible attempting to scratch his way back into safety.  There are days when Kenny holds the leash and Joey just runs circles around him trying to get back into the house.  Oh, Joey...we sure do love you!

Meet Mario:
He is Mr. Social.  He always likes to be around the person in the house.  He loves walks, squeaky balls, barking at bikes, and FOOD.  He could eat all day.  In fact he tries.  (Kenny is still learning the ropes of guarding his food).  Poor guy has had his sandwich stolen, chicken swiped, and salad scarfed down. Mario is our counter surfer.  If your food is on the counter he thinks it is for him.  Mario loves to cuddle and go for car rides.  If the car ride takes him to his Granny and Gramps, even better.  He has his Granny trained.  When she knows he is coming over there is food waiting for him in his bowl.  He leaps out of the car, zips to the back door, and makes a bee line right for the bowl!  

These two definitely keep us entertained and on our toes...

Mario straight chilling, Joey front and center!

They get this close when treats are involved! ;)

Oh and do they have a mind of their own.  Take for example this Christmas picture we attempted to take.  I think the producers would have resigned our reality show just from this episode!  Joey front and center, Mario on his side throwing a tantrum, and poor Kenny still trying to get the timer going...Needless to say we went another route for our Christmas Card! ;)

  Thank you for reading through our life with our two crazy pals.  They certainly keep us entertained.  Perhaps if Animal Planet stumbles upon this blog post we could really have a hit on our hands. 

We would love for you to join in the fun and link up with us and share your reality show!

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  1. I LOVED you post, oh my goodness I'm still smiling!! What an incredible idea, I LOVE 'Canine Chaos'!!! Your furbabies are adorable, and I love how you refer to them as step-brothers that coexist. That Will Ferrel 'StepBrother' movie totally popped into my head when I read that!!
    I had such a great time reading your post! Those pups of yours are adorable and I love how different they are! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  2. I LOVE this Diana! You are so cute with your fur babies! I'm so happy to hear that hubby supports your crazy teaching adventures! :) And I completely relate to your "Canine Chaos!" If my little fur friend could talk, oh boy! It's funny because my family and I were talking about this last night! Thanks for sharing!

    All the best!

  3. Your dogs seem so well behaved. Mine are spoiled but...well, nobody would accuse them of being well-trained. I'd definitely watch this show!

  4. Diana your fur babies are adorable! I have one fur baby a yorkie name Sophie. She thinks she really a human and she is spoiled rotten!!! Thanks for sharing your Canine Chaos with us!

  5. Such cute puppies! We used to spoil our dog before we had children. Ha! Now he's become their play toy!
    Always Kindergarten

  6. Haha! I am so glad your dogs get along! When we got my Bubby, I wasn't sure how Trixie would take to him, but they get along just as well as siblings do now. <3

    Thanks for sharing!
    Mrs. Harrison's Hive

  7. Oh my goodness, I just want to snuggle them. They are so cute. Joey reminds me of our Australia dingo mix that we names Scooter Blue! You have to love the fur babies.

  8. I have 2 pit bulls, and I swear they are exactly the same as your pups. One is so chill and laid back and really doesn't get bothered by anything and the other constantly has FOMO and is always in your face for attention! Couldn't live without them though :)