Tell all Tuesday: Summer Flashback

Guess what time it is?!

I have loved doing this link up with my friend Jayme at Teach, Talk, Inspire.  It has been such a fun way to get to know all of you wonderful bloggers.  This week we are rewinding the clock and showing off some summertime memories.  So dig through your old photo albums and upload a summer flashback. We can't wait to see the sweet summertime memories.

Oh, don't mind me, just another busy day splish splashing in my Smurf pool...

Followed up with some sun bathing.  I tell you, these summer days just get harder and harder. I'm so glad I have my fashionable shades and Cabbage Patch swimsuit as I splash through these summer days! ;)

Perhaps this is where my love of water came from.  Throughout my childhood you could always find me splashing around a pool.  I was a fish!  In middle school I joined the summer swim team and spent many summers swimming laps in the early morning.  Give me a pool and a good book and I am set for the day!  

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This week is: Summer Flashback!
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We can't wait to see your summertime adventures.  


  1. You are so adorable! I always love looking back at baby photos! Thanks for having this great linkup!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  2. I love baby pictures! The eighties looks always make me laugh!

    Thanks for hosting!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars

  3. Too cute! I love the Cabbage Patch swimsuit! I loved my Cabbage Patch dolls. :)
    Mrs.B's Classroom Adventures

  4. Awww! What a cutie! I love looking back at baby pictures. :)

  5. Love the baby pictures!!! I was the same way - loved the the little inflatable pool in the yard. Thanks for the fun idea this week!
    Once Upon a Classroom: A Teacher's Tales

  6. Your baby pictures in the pool are ADORABLE! So cute!! I love the flashback link up! :)

    Moore to Learn

  7. I love your baby pictures!!! This link up was so much fun. I loved taking a look back at everyone's pictures, but getting a chance to look back at my own. Thanks for hosting!!

    Yee-Haw in Kindergarten

  8. Smurfs and Cabbage Patch Kids...those were the days. I'm especially loving the sunglasses though! Thank you for hosting such a fun link up!

  9. I love your pictures! Smurfs and Cabbage Patch Kids, those bring me back! I too love swimming and have since I was very small. I always feel so much more relaxed when I'm near water, be it the pool, lake, or beach.
    I had a great time reading your summer flashback! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

    Warmest Wishes,
    Kindergarten Dragons

  10. I totally loved the the cabbage patch swimsuit! Super awesome!

  11. Love the shades and the Smurfs! My aunt had an amazing pool, and we went over to her house almost daily in the summer to swim in it! No Smurfs though.
    Laughter and Consistency

  12. Such cute pictures!!! Looking at baby pictures is so much fun!!! So glad I could join the link-up this week!! Thanks for hosting!
    ~Heather :)
    Recipe for Teaching

  13. Oh my goodness you are too cute! I absolutely loved the Cabbage Patch kids growing up and am super jealous of your swimsuit! I definitely agree, give me a pool and a good book and I am a happy camper!
    Teach Talk Inspire

  14. Oh my gosh so cute! Those glasses. :)

  15. Such adorable pictures! It's funny how our personalities show even at such a young age. Thanks for sharing your memories!
    Always Kindergarten

  16. Oh my goodness I LOVE the Sunglasses!! Thank you for sharing such fun memories!
    It’s Kinder Time

  17. Love the idea for the linky! I can definitely relate to the Smurfs and Cabbage Patch Kids...those were the days!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  18. Hi Diana! I love your movie star sunglasses!!!! Adorable photos!
    Kindergarten Planet