Take me to the Beach!

If I close my eyes I can faintly hear the crashing waves and feel the warm sun on my face! We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon last June and these pictures were taken at the hotel we stayed at.  Can I please go back?! :) 

Enough about me, lets get down to business and talk about My Day in K...

This week we started our unit on Animal Habitats.  We are covering six habitats (desert, ocean, pond, forest, Savannah, and arctic)  Our plan is to spend two days on each habitat.  One day to explore and learn facts and another to do a craft about the habitat.  Today we explored the ocean habitat!  We watched a short video clip, looked at pictures, and informational text. After our explorations we made this hand print crab.

We finished our hand prints just in the nick of time with only minutes to spare before the bell rang.  Tomorrow we are going to go back and add the eyes and any other details the kiddos want to do.  We are also going to fill out the ocean page from my Animal Habitats packet.  I thought it would be a good way to see what they can recall from today's lesson.  

This ocean page as well as the other five habitats can be found in my Animal Habitat packet in my TpT store!  (Click on the picture)!

Thanks for reading about My day in K!  I'll post the other habitats as we go.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night. GO HAWKS! :)

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