Moving and Groovin'

Before I go out and enjoy this beautiful day I couldn't help but write a quick post about our fun day yesterday.  We have been learning about the letter "e" this week and towards the later part of the week we learned about short and long vowel "e".  Yesterday I wanted to do a quick check to see if they were understanding the difference between the two sounds.  We did a vowel sort activity.  I taped long and short vowel "e" pictures around the room and the kiddos walked around and wrote where they thought the words belonged.  

If you are interested I have attached the activity below:

Another fun activity we did yesterday was a fiction/informational text sort.  All week we have been comparing and contrasting these two types of books.  We finished the week by doing this sort. 

I had them use a scholastic book order to cut out the pictures and sort them under fiction or informational text.  

This paper can be found in my Adventures with Informational Text packet. 

I hope you have a great weekend!  Enjoy the beautiful weather. :)

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