It has a topic and 3 clues, it is a...RIDDLE!

We started to learn how to write riddles in KS today!  I introduced riddles during our writing workshop mini lesson and then students had a chance to practice it.  

This is a sample of the riddle paper I used with my class.  I have included this paper as a link at the bottom of my post. 

We wrote a riddle as a class so I could model how to do one.  We wrote a class riddle about a frog.  I demonstrated how to draw the picture and write the answer.  

Next, we worked on writing the topic of the riddle.  The topic helps the guesser get a general  sense of what the riddle is about.  

Finally we worked on writing 3 clues about my answer.  This was a perfect tie in to our reading because this week we are learning about frogs.  We had just finished reading some informational text about frogs and the topic was fresh in their head.  We practiced being specific with our clues to help the one who is guessing try to figure out the answer.

Once we were done with our riddle we folded our paper and walked around the room to have people guess the answer.  This is a great speaking and listening activity because students have to have eye contact, listen, and speak clearly to their partner.

Students read their clues to their peers and then tried to have them guess their riddle. 

After 3 guesses the student would show their answer to their friend.  

Here are a few samples of some riddles that students wrote today.

Now that I have introduced riddle writing it will now be in the writing workshop area for students to work on.

If you are interested in the riddle paper I have attached it in the link below.

This paper is party of my Adventures with Informational Text Packet that can be found in my TpT store. (Click on the picture below)

As always, thank you for taking the time to read through My Day in K, I hope you had a great day of teaching!

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