Hightlight Reel/Preview Party Mash Up

Spring is finally here and I'm excited!  We have one more week until spring break and then a week of relaxation.  We can do it! We can do it!

The kiddos are definitely ready for warmer weather and I am ready for snow pants to be officially packed away until next year.  :)

This week was another fun filled week in KS.  On Friday we celebrated the first day of spring by doing a little painting.  I got this idea from one of my new teacher friends, if you haven't checked out Jennifer at www.adabofgluewilldo.com you should!  She has fantastic ideas and activities to do with young kiddos.  I had seen her post about doing a bunny hand print and thought this would be a great idea for our memory books.  Each month we do an activity or craft with the students and then keep it until the end of the year.  Then we put all the pages together and they get to take it home as a keepsake of their Kindergarten year. This month we are doing these bunny hand prints and writing about spring.  We are calling it "Hoppy Spring".  The kids thought that was hilarious!
I painted the palm of the student's hand as well as their middle finger and ring finger.  Then they pressed their hand onto the top of the blue paper.  I then had them use their index finger to dip into the pink paint to make the nose and pink inside the ears.  After they washed their hands they used a paint brush to paint the eyes, whiskers, and smile.  This week we are going to attach a paper to the bottom of the bunnies and write about spring. The paper is attached in the link below.

This week in math we are starting our unit on decomposing teen numbers.  For our April bulletin board we are going to do this activity.  
Students will either be assigned to do a rain cloud with raindrops or an umbrella.  For the rain cloud, students will choose a teen number.  They will write the teen number on the cloud and then break down the number on each rain drop.  For the umbrella students will choose a teen number and then find six different ways to break apart the number.   

As a warm up we are going to focus on one teen number a day to decompose.  The practice pages are attached below.  

Moving onto science.  This week we are starting our water exploration unit.  If you are looking for new activities to do with your kiddos I have created a water exploration packet that can be found in my TPT store.  

Inside the water exploration packet you will find vocabulary cards, forms of water cut and glue activity, an easy reader where students fill in the type of water, and activities to do with the water cycle.  I am excited to try these activities with my students this week!

Finally, after spring break we are starting our next unit in English Language Arts and it is all about informational text.  I just finished my Exploring Informational Text packet and I am really excited about how it turned out.  

Inside there are tons of activities to do to practice using text features with informational text.  Check it out! 

Well, that wraps up my week from last week and also my plans for the upcoming week! This furry friend keeps looking at me so I better sign off for now and take him for a walk!  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

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  1. That’s a wonderful blog Diana. I am a teacher of the little ones as well and I can completely understand how you must be feeling while having these fun times with the kids. Our school has also thought of organizing a spring art competition for the kids in a very pretty event venue. I am sure the experience will be as amazing as yours.